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Chicken Hot Pizza£11.50£18.15
Chicago Veggie Pizza£11.50£18.15
Supreme Pizza£11.50£18.15
Veggie Hot Pizza£11.50£18.15
Veggieblast Pizza£11.50£18.15
Aglio Pizza£11.50£18.15
California Pizza£11.50£18.15
Meat Feast Pizza£11.50£18.15
Mexican Pizza£10.50£17.15
Pepperoni Lovers Pizza£10.00£16.65
Plain Chicken Choice Pizza£10.00£16.65
Tandoori Chicken Pizza£10.00£16.65
Gaelic One Pizza£10.00£16.65
Chicken Lovers Pizza£10.00£16.65
Hawaiian Pizza£9.00£11.50
Cheese & Tomato Pizza£8.00£14.65
Meatball Special Pizza£11.50£18.15
Kabul Special Pizza£11.50£18.15
BBQ Special Pizza with Tomato Sauce£11.50£18.15
BBQ Special Pizza£11.50£18.15
BBQ Special Pizza with BBQ Sauce£11.50£18.15
Formaggio di Capra Pizza with Pepperoni£11.50£18.15
Formaggio di Capra Pizza£11.50£18.15
Chalet Special Pizza£11.50£18.15
Spinaci Pizza£11.50£18.15
Sweet 'N' Hot Pizza£11.50£18.15
Seafood Pizza with Anchovies£10.50£17.15
Seafood Pizza£10.50£17.15
BBQ Chicken Pizza£10.50£17.15
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Pizza with Chilli Sauce£10.50£17.15
Hot 'N' Spicy Chicken Pizza£10.50£17.15
Hot & Spicy Meat Pizza with Chilli Sauce£10.50£17.15
Hot & Spicy Meat Pizza£10.50£17.15
Hot & Spicy Vegetarian Pizza with Chilli Sauce£10.50£17.15
Vegetarian Pizza£10.50£17.15
Hot & Spicy Vegetarian Pizza£10.50£17.15
Bacon Feast Pizza£10.00£16.65
Beefeater Pizza£10.00£16.65
Halal Jerk Chicken Pizza£10.00£16.65
Cippola Pizza£10.00£16.65
Popeye Pizza£10.00£16.65
Farmhouse Pizza£9.00£11.50